Phase One of Development: Complete!

As of last week we have our first version of the Key Conservation app! The team at Lambda School worked hard to get the first phase finished and it looks great. So what is a phase? A phase is a timeframe (usually a few weeks but could also be just a week) where we work to develop a set amount of features within the Key App. These features are then tested by our Pilot Projects before we move onto the next phase of development. This process allows us to make sure the features that we just developed are working properly and make any changes according to feedback from our Pilot Projects before moving forward.

The Process

Every morning we join the Lambda team on their morning meetings to hear updates on the work they are currently doing, what is on the agenda for the day and what their future plans are. The team then breaks off into pairs to work together on developing a feature or researching for tools we will need in future iterations. After one team completes the code for the feature they are working on another team will then check the code to make sure it works and doesn’t break anything within the app. Once the code check is finished another team then do the final check by testing the newly developed feature on both iOS and Android phones and once it's got the final approval it is officially loading up onto the Key App!

Simultaneously, there are two people working on the design and user interface of the app so that each feature has a design that not only looks amazing but is easy to use.

Phase 1 Progress

When you develop an app every single click, icon and button has to be created. You have to think about how people are going to sign-in, how websites will connect, how people can leave comments and so much more. Every single one of these features needs to have code behind it so it will work seamlessly. Our Project Manager Asa describes building an app like building a house. First you have to have the blueprints (app design) and then you start with the foundation and plumbing (sign-in, creating profiles, etc.). We had our blueprints ready and now the foundation has been poured and the plumbing is going in! Check out the features that have been built in Phase 1 below.

Phase 1 Features that are complete

Conservation Organizations will be able to:

  • Log in and Sign Up

  • Username creation

  • Edit Profile and Profile Details

  • Create Campaign Post

  • Delete Campaign Post

  • View Campaign Posts Feed

  • View other Organizations Profile

  • Log Out from profile

Global Supporters will be able to:

  • View the Campaign Posts Feed

  • Click on donation link

  • View Organizations Profile details

Plus, many more little features that make the app so great to use. For example, our personal favorite is when you go back to the Live Feed and press the home button twice it takes you to the very top of the feed no matter where you are in your scroll! Talk about convenient!

We have been having so much fun learning about the development process and seeing the Key App come together. Thank you to our team at Lambda for including us every step of the way!

Coming Up Next Week

Next week is a big week because for the first time ever our Pilot Projects will begin testing the app! Our Pilot Projects are conservation organizations from around the world that are helping give us feedback on the app as we develop it so it's ready to go for all organizations when we go live. We are grateful to have so many different organizations supporting us all around the world. Learn more about them in our Keys: Pilot Project Interview series on our blog and learn how to become one of the first organizations or supporters to use the app by checking out our Get on the Key App page here.

Stay tuned for next week’s update on our development. If you haven't already, be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you get the latest updates here!


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