Phase 2 Progress & Beta Testing

This week is big! We have begun Phase 2 of our app development which is all about global supporters. While Phase 1 focused on what conservation organizations were able to do within the app, like create campaigns and update their profiles Phase 2 is geared towards making sure people around the world can access the Key Conservation app. Within Phase 2 global supporters will be able to view campaign posts on the main scrolling live feed, create their own profiles, and view other conservation and supporter profiles.

But just because we are now focusing on getting the supporter side of the app up and running it doesn't mean we have stopped developing the conservation organization side. In fact, one of the biggest goals are team is working to accomplish this week is setting up the ability to pull photos from a phone to a post. So when conservation organizations are creating a campaign and they want to show supporters what is going on they can add a photo or a video to the campaign. This will also come in handy when they are sending feedback on what the outcome was of the support they received and will also allow supporters to take and send photos within messages in the future and add a shiny new profile photo!

Testing what has been developed

Even more exciting in development this week is that our pilot projects will begin testing the first phase of the app and so will our beta testers! Our hope is to get continuous feedback as we progress about how the app works and if they have any suggestions for changes or improvements. Our testers have to be very open minded because the first phase that they will be testing is a VERY rough draft of what the final product and it will look very different when it is finished but we have to start testing now make sure everything runs smoothly along the way.

The first test will be done through a web-based program called Maze. Maze allows us to see how users interact with the app, what buttons they push and how they complete tasks. This helps us see if we need to make a certain feature more intuitive or if we got the balance just right. We are scientists over here at the end of the day and the more data we can collect the better chance we have at creating a product that is not only fun to use but makes an impact!

Calling all Beta Testers​

If you signed up to be a Beta Tester be sure to check your emails! We are finally ready to put your app testing skills to use and have sent step by step instructions on how you can help us test the first phase of the app.

Let's meet up at the Conservation Optimism Summit!

In just a few short weeks we will be attending the Conservation Optimism Summit in Oxford where our director, Megan Cromp, will be on a panel about how emerging technology is providing optimism in conservation. If you're attending be sure to get in touch and if you would like to go you can still grab your tickets here:

See you there!


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