An exclusive look at the newly re-designed Sign-In and My Profile sections of the app!

Here's a fresh look at the newly re-designed Sign-In and My Profile section for of the app! This My Profile section is where Global Supporters can put their personal stamp on the app. Here they can keep track of the conservation organizations that they want to help, the ones they are currently helping and the ones they've already helped. Here they will also be able to send messages, add groups that they belong to, add the skills they want to help with, see who's following them and many other things. Let's check out the screens below!

Above is a look at the first screens that will come up when you open the app. It will ask you if you are a Conservation Organization, a Global Supporter or if you would like to Explore. Here we have selected that we are a Global Supporter and have begun to fill out our profile. We have selected our location so we can get real-time volunteer opportunities sent to us and we've selected our profile photo. We are ready to go!

The screens below show how the My Profile section of the app will look like. Each Global Supporter will be able to choose from several patterns in nature for their background. As you can probably guess we selected the African elephant! Each profile has a place to tell a little more about yourself and has 3 buttons under your name. These buttons are where you can keep track of the conservation organizations that you're helping. There are buttons for saved projects, projects you're currently helping and projects that you've already helped. If you swipe your profile to the left you can see what groups you belong to, what skills you are using to help conservation organizations and where you can send messages!

Over the next few months we will be giving you an inside look at the app design. The app has 2 sides, one for Conservation Organizations and another for Global Supporters. The Key Conservation app is not just a way for conservationists to gain more support but it is a social platform where everyone can use their own skills, ideas and determination to make a difference. As you can imagine this means there are many exciting features within the app to make all of these options possible! We are looking forward to sharing each one of them as we continue development. Stay tuned and be sure to sign-up for our newsletter to know when our next update comes out!


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