World Wildlife Day and App Developments

Join us in celebrating one of our favorite holidays:

World Wildlife Day!

We can't think of a better way to celebrate World Wildlife Day then by sharing a behind the scenes look of our development team building our app to help wildlife! This will be our entry into the #tech4wildlife contest our friends at Wildlabs are running for World Wildlife Day. Each year they showcase how technology is being used to help wildlife, which is right up our alley! The photos above and below shows a few of our developers hard at work discussing the user experience of the app and how we can make it as smooth and interactive as possible. The team is currently putting together the engineering document which is the blueprint for the development of the app. This makes sure that every button and icon has a correct function and will work perfectly once it is up and running. It also helps developers know exactly what work needs to be done so we can work as efficiently as possible.

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Be a part of building the app

We are trying to cross over to double digits raised (only $2,000 left!), will you help us by donating here? We are officially 2 weeks into the development of the app and everyday we are one step closer to making the Key Conservation app a reality! As always, thank you for your support and for joining us on this journey. We could not do it without you and we look forward to keeping you updated as things progress.

Thank you,


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